A housing dilema: It’s never too late to be compassionate.

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Something I would like to talk about: I had a case manager that I worked with at one of the agencies. She is one of the sweetest ladies I know. She called me one day and said Pastor Karen; can I talk to you? She said no one knows but you and another coworker named Lori so please don’t tell anyone. Kathy said; I’m sleeping in my car. I said why are you living in your car Kathy? She said because I transported one of my clients and they had bed bugs. Now my house is infested.

She said “I don’t know what to do so I am sleeping in my car.” 

I said; Kathy, you can’t continue to do that because it’s getting cold again.  This case manager helps her clients find housing and she’s living in her car. I said; Kathy I have a bed in one of the houses. It’ll be between you and I until you get yourself together. She came and moved in on a Friday. She stayed in my housing. Kathy had lived there for 3 weeks. She had a boil. It grew so big she had to go to hospital. Right now she’s in the hospital with many other health problems. She said; Pastor Karen, if it wasn’t for you I would have died. My sugar was really high and I had an infection throughout my body. I love you for taking me in. The hospital told me if I had waited one more day I probably would have died because my sugar and blood pressure were extremely high. Now she’s doing well. Kathy is in a rehabilitation facility to get strong so she can go back to work. Kathy had been living in her car for a year before she came to live in my housing.

Our bodies are made to get up in the morning, shower, eat properly, be productive and get rest. We must have good housing. A place to rest and feel secure. It should be the right of every human being on the planet.

CCCC offers temporary housing for mentally ill people.
Church of Christ Commissioned Compassion
Pastor Karen Carlisle