About Pastor Karen Carlisle

Pastor Carlisle grew up in the Linden area of Columbus, Ohio. Even as a little girl, she tried to resolve problems and issues in school as she served as president of student council at the Linmoor Elementary School. While in the fourth grade, she noticed what she believed to be “odd” behavior in her father. When she would ask about that behavior, she realized that it was like a secret stigma no one wanted to discuss. As she further investigated, she learned that her father had mental health issues. She observed as her mother tried to care for his needs and wondered why she seemed to be carrying the weight on her own. In 2009, her mother passed, and Pastor Carlisle became the primary caregiver for her father. After she became a state certified nursing assistant, Pastor Carlisle developed her caregiving skills and in 2009 teamed up with William Brady to establish the William Brady Charitable Organization to help people with mental health issues. After receiving pastoral training through the PATH Ministries and the Church of Universal Support and Truth, she was ordained and licensed by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages as Pastor Karen Carlisle.