Mental Illness: A survivor’s story

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Mental illness; I lived it.  My dad was a very sick man. He had a mental illness. I watched my mom take care of him and then after she died I took care of him. I don’t know of any other disease worse than mental illness, maybe cancer. Individuals think that people with mental illness are on hard drugs, or alcoholics but at the end of the day that’s usually not the case. Some people are born with mental illness. I do not confess to be a psychologist; I do not confess to be a nurse; I do not confess to be a doctor. I know I lived it. I learned it, I believe it. And it’s a very serious illness.
I have 49 clients and every last one of them have different personalities.

Some days they have good days, some days they have bad days. But at the end of the day they’re all God’s children.

Some days, I shake my head and say Lord why…Lord why? Why Susie, why John? Why is Mark in this condition? I’m not questioning God, that’s just what’s on my mind. When I say why God; I know everything happens for a reason. But this illness takes over the mind, the body and the soul. It will turn you into a whole different person. At the end of the day I pray to God to just continue to give me strength so I can continue to take care of them.

CCCC offers temporary housing for mentally ill people.
Church of Christ Commissioned Compassion

Pastor Karen Carlisle